This story is proof that dream cars still exist, no matter how old we are

It has to be said. Petrolicious can make a case for being the best car channel on YouTube. The production value of these episodes is absolutely top quality and the content always brings something new and fresh to the table. That’s the case with the latest episode, featuring Spike Feresten and his rare 1968 Porsche 911L.

As with most episodes from Petrolicious, Feresten’s story with his 911L is a rich one that dates back to his days as a writer for David Letterman. As Feresten puts it, Letterman’s own car collection spurred him to contact a dealership in Georgia, which then sent him a beat-up Porsche with 300,000 miles and had what he describes as “the worst color in Porsche history.” Unflattering as the description sounds, Feresten immediately fell in love with and thus began his love affair with the German automaker.

Today, Feresten owns his share of Porsches, the most significant of which is the 1968 911L, a factory race car built in period for Trans-Am competition that has since been configured to be street legal. The car is also famous for a number of reasons, something that will be best explained by Feresten himself.

It’s the kind of story that will make you look back on younger days when all you had were dreams and car posters. It’s also a good reminder that the world is smaller than we think and that dream cars, no matter how old we get, are still attainable.


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