Old-school Godzilla is all kinds of awesome

“We always want what we can’t have.” That’s how Jay Kho, owner of the above 1983 Skyline DR30, starts this video. It’s the kind of sentiment any diehard car fan knows all too well – whether it’s due to exclusivity, import laws, or financial barriers, we all have that one ride that sits just out of reach.

Of course, nowadays, if you’re a U.S. resident in love with the GT-R, any given dealership will provide an opportunity for ogling. Prior to 2008, however, Nissan’s top-spec sports car monster was forbidden fruit to stateside enthusiasts like Kho.

That all changed when he found this DR30 on Craigslist.

“It looked like it came from a container, went to the garage,” Kho recalls. As soon as he saw it in person, he knew he had to have it. “A Nissan Skyline in the States! This is something from a magazine, or this is something just from a PlayStation!”

Somehow, he got it registered, but understandably, spare parts were hard to come by.

“The right thing for me to do was transition to an SR20.” The new engine meant he could actually drive his ride without worrying about it breaking and leaving it to sit waiting for a repair.

Now, Kho can be found prowling the Las Vegas night enjoying his black and red import to the fullest. “Knowing that you have it in your garage, you can go and turn on the light and look at it in your garage… I’m like ‘Wow, it’s there.’”


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