Since the beginning of the year the RT4 system has been available in the 407, 308 and 807 ranges and now, since the beginning of November, is also available in the 207 hatchback, 207 CC and 207 SW (starting with the Premium trim level on the hatchback and SW models).

Drivers of the 207 can now benefit from the different functions of the fully integrated RT4 system. It combines together, the radio with its multimedia1 functions, a GSM hands-free mobile telephone with local emergency assistance2 or Peugeot Mobile Services, as well as a GPS satellite navigation system.

Peugeot 207 range gets RT4 system
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Truly innovative in comparison to the previous RT3 system, the RT4 system also offers a number of new features due to the use of a 30 GB “automotive specification” hard disk (ie: specially designed to operate in a motor vehicle environment):

  • Full European mapping at the driver’s finger tips with around 30 countries available thanks to the NAVTEQ mapping system which is stored on the hard disk.
  • A new JUKEBOX function able to store up to 180 hours of music from CDs or MP3 files.
  • A 7” 16/9 colour screen with a modern 3D graphic style.
  • Direction processing times reduced to a minimum.
  • Finally, improved radio reception due to the fitment of three tuners.
Peugeot 207 range gets RT4 system
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Besides the added security and comfort, this truly compact an innovative technology can guide the driver on journeys across Europe, combined with their own choice of music selected from their own personal music library stored on the hard disc.

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