Automakers are always a couple steps ahead of what they are debuting at the moment, but designers have taken to being a few steps ahead of even them with ideas and illustrations filtering across the internet like a ripple across a pond. We’ve already seen images of a 2020 Inceptor Supercar Study and what former Executive Director of Engineering of the Renault Formula One team, Pat Symonds, thinks the 2020 Renault race car will look like. Designer, Kim Minchul, is also taking a stab at a 2020 vehicle with his Peugeot Coaster Concept.

The idea behind this concept is to separate the driver and passenger so the driver can feel that much safer in his little cocoon of a driver seat. The entire cabin is shielded by a transparent driver’s cab, which reminds us too much of glass to make us feel safe and comfortable. Plus, they separated the passenger and the driver to limit distraction, but then they add a completely transparent cabin so the driver can be entertained while driving. Hmmm....something doesn’t exactly add up with this.

"The Coaster, separation of the driver’s space and the body, showed the freedom of structure and the construction of widely driving space. Through this structural freedom indicates various movements and new values derivative from the existing car. It is the thrill and fun that we seek to have when you take a ride at the amusement park. It is a mobility that infers the intention of people who wants to run, a different way of freedom which differentiates from this simple meaning of transportation, and a different value which people wanted to have through the entertainment rides," explained the designer.

We don’t know about everyone else out there, but we don’t think people can handle a drive that is like a "ride at the amusement park." People can’t even handle texting and driving.


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  (447) posted on 02.13.2011

The fact that the car bears their name means it’s most likely one of their creations, and isn’t necessarily intended as a production-model Peugeot...

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