A new concept that entered the Peugeot Design Contest is the OMNI Concept created by Darko Markovic. The Peugeot OMNI is a strange and unusual car that uses the Omni wheel concept of the great designer from past to make sure that there are no parking problems in today’s cities. Thanks to the Omni wheel the car can spin and turn around at an instant making it easy to maneuver.

Peugeot OMNI
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The Omni wheel idea belongs to the Swedish automobile designer Bengt Ilon, who created in 1973 a wheel that could move in any direction at a given time. His idea was to attach many roller-wheels around the rim of the main wheel to enable the wheel to spin in any direction and change angles at an instant. The rollers were oriented at an angle of 45 degrees with the wheels axis of rotation.

The Peugeot OMNI is an awesome concept that tries to show us the car of tomorrow.


Source: CGSociety

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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

This vehicle has a great concept for people who had experience problems in maneuvering. The car has amazing wheels that rotates 45 degrees.

  (333) posted on 09.30.2011

OMNI is cute on its platform, and the wheels are really weird and strange. I want to see one of the Peugeot cars. I just noticed that they are all exotic and cute and had a very remarkable appearance.

  (600) posted on 07.21.2011

I never thought that the invented Omni wheel during 1970s will now be used for a car, but it is a good idea because it can minimize the time we consume in parking since some people are having a hard time to park.

  (808) posted on 08.17.2010

This car concept isn’t really surprising, since there have been several experimental prototypes build similar to this one. Though they still need to work out the kinks on the omni wheel design.

  (428) posted on 02.21.2010

Lol. That was a pretty interesting video. I mean what car can actually go sideways without turning the wheels. It kinda will make parking a whole lot easier.

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