If you think that today’s "green" cars are something fabulous that will save the planet thanks to the fuel they use, you are wrong! The Peugeot ONE concept could be the solution for a cleaner environment.

Peugeot ONE the solar energy vehicle
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Peugeot ONE is a new type of non polluting vehicle, a very strange and special one that runs on solar energy. Designed by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso, this amazingly and innovative concept uses its windshield to capture the solar energy and transforms it into the energy needed by the car. This single seater uses a Gyroscope system for the stability, and features a rather unique suspension system.

The ONE concept is design to make you feel "one" with the nature and the environment, but also to make you feel one with the machine, thanks to its strange shape.


Source: EcoFriend

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  (600) posted on 07.21.2011

It’s good that they are promoting this solar energy vehicle for it can save our mother earth. I think it can only accommodate one person, and that is the driver. However, it has a cool design.

  (428) posted on 02.21.2010

So how do you get in? I mean do you sit and drive or lie down and drive? It seems like a car that doesn’t accommodate that much passengers. Something that is very important nowadays. Other than that, it looks very futuristic.

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