After the French automaker Peugeot revealed the RCZ sports car coupe version at the Frankfurt Motor Show as an affront to compact sports car makers like Audi and their TT coupe, it was to be expected that the European lion would also be coming out with a competitor for the rag top roadster version as well. In a recent interview with Automobile MAgazinem a Peugeot official confirmed that the company is taking into consideration two alternative open air models for the future, being "a roadster version as a competitor for the Audi TT, but also a Targa variant in the spirit of the first 911."

Now we are all familiar with what an Audi TT looks like with its top down, but a Porsche Carrera Targa inspired sports coupe would be quite a fresh design. Unlike modern day Targa models that make use of an oversized sliding glass roof, the original features a removable roof panel. However where the old one was made of metal and rubber, a 21st century targa would have to make use of some lightweight carbon fiber and hopefully won’t lose any of the performance of its fixed roof brethren. The RCZ’s engine lineup will include a 1.6 Liter turbocharged direct gasoline injection engine that makes 200 HP as well as a standard 1.6 Liter boosted gas burning mill that makes 156 HP while there are also plans for a top of the line 2.0 Liter unit that will go well beyond the 200 HP barrier.


Source: Automobile Magazine

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