PGO Automobiles unveiled in Frankfurt the P22 Concept Car, the result of close collaboration between the company’s Design and Research and Development divisions.

The bodywork has been entirely modeled and sculpted by hand, making this concept car a model that has been conceived of and produced by man, thus respecting a certain tradition of French craftsmanship and know-how.

The overall volume is enhanced by the generous curves where nothing is superfluous. The curves are well structured and the construction lines emphasized, giving the car an appearance that underlines its racy and sporting character.

The purity of the contours is strengthened by the integration of everything that interferes with the volume of the car (exhaust pipe, rear-view mirrors, door handles, etc.). Everything has been designed to make the concept car as smooth and aerodynamic as possible.

The front mouth is a harmonious blend of the "neo-retro" appearance of classical models and the shapes of tomorrow. The front headlight blocks are fitted with a triangle which for each block includes the indicators and an air inlet for brake cooling.

The prominence of the fenders is underlined by the trim which comes from the mouth along the wings, providing an original look and a better distribution of volume. The bodyline which drops down towards the back is typical of English roadsters and provides the vehicle with a dynamic and sporty look. The height of the flank by the rear tyres underscores the vehicle’s forward dynamism.

This coupe, with its separate assembly items, has been designed as a response to another of the model’s varieties: the convertible.

Source: Caradisiac

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