Even built out of plastic bricks, the Audi Quattro is still amazing

Evo photographer Dominic Fraser has found the perfect way to kill time during isolation. All he needed was his camera, his kid’s Audi Sport Quattro S1 Lego set, and a lot of patience. The result is a massively creative set of pictures that bring a nod back to the sheer madness of Audi’s rally car and the huge balls of those who got to drive it.

Who said rally can’t live on in Lego Land?

With pretty much every motorsport competition suspended during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard not to crave F1 or WRC races these days. But there might be a cure: Dominic Fraser’s Instagram account (@_fraser73).

That’s where the photographer working with Evo Magazine decide to showcase his latest DIY, home-made project that involves photos of the real Audi Sport Quattro rally car in action and replicas of those moments based on the 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1 Lego car set.

Speaking to Evo, Dominic revealed that the Quattro is his favorite rally car of all time and “no one has done it better before or since” and he virtually “grew up with that car and for me that Audi is world rallying.”

So, how did he pull it off? Well, the concept isn’t that complicated. There are plenty of drool-worthy pictures showing the Quattro S1 in action, so all Dominic had to do was pick the best ones and try to recreate the scene, including spectators, around the Lego Audi Quattro. Heck, he even recreated snow with what looks like cooking flour.

The results are nothing short of spectacular and you don’t have to hear it from us. Just go and take a peek at his Instagram account. We reckon you’ll be spending some time swiping up and down his feed. Oh, and he wants to do a similar project with a Mini Cooper, so stay tuned because more goodies are on the way.

In case you want to get the Audi Quattro Speed Champions set, know that it’s available on Amazon for $29 to $33.

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