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The debate between combustion engines and electric motors is never-ending. The votes are split and, whether you like it or not, electrification is still happening. However, there are a number of truck owners who are not letting Tesla cars use the superchargers to charge their EVs. This level of animosity is not just bizarre; it is also frightening.

Who Has Enough Free Time to Waste Their Day Blocking EV Chargers?

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According to some Reddit users, this whole thing is known as ‘Icing.’

This trend is picking up pace rapidly, and is a concept where traditional ICE vehicles park their car in front of Tesla Superchargers, ultimately preventing the EV owners from using them.

Personally, I am an ICE fan too, but I don’t go around blocking the charging stations to prove my point. A recent instance of ‘Icing’ took place in Hickory, North Carolina, where a Tesla owner pulled up to a local Supercharging station to plug-in but, to his surprise, there were three modified pickup trucks blocking a number of the charging spots. The trucks appear to be owned by young males who were yelling “F**k Tesla.” How immature is that?

This Needs To Be Abolished Before It Turns Into Some Kind Of Trend

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The young men did not leave until an employee of the Sheetz where the Superchargers are located kicked them out. And, it is not happening in just North Carolina.

States like California, Florida, Oregon, Illinois, Washington, and Massachusetts have witnessed the same and are working on laws to ban ‘icing.’

Why this is being practiced in the first place and what has triggered this anger in them to protest against man-made objects like cars? No, not against people or a political party; they are protesting against CARS! Perhaps, it could have something to do with the perception that they’re owned exclusively by those in the upper-middle class (and higher, of course) and are a threat to ICEs.

These petty stunts are causing a lot of trouble for EV owners. We are hoping the lawmakers come up with some stringent action to avoid such stupidity from spreading any further. What are your thoughts on this whole episode? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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