Somehow, Pigcasso ended up being the star of the ad, as well he should

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, leave it to the Japanese to open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, or at least in this case, “pig-ssibilities.” Poor attempt at humor aside, Nissan has come out with a new commercial for the Infiniti Q50 (not to be confused by its “Skyline” name in Japan) showcasing the sedan’s supposedly impressive Direct Adaptive Steering System. Not content with just bringing the Q50 to the thousands of test tracks scatter around our beautiful world, Nissan decided to create its own circuit, commissioning a pig to design it.

No, I’m not drunk. I really wrote that last sentence and Nissan actually did exactly that. To be fair, it didn’t just “hire” a normal pig to design the circuit; it actually tapped “Pigcasso,” the famous hog from South Africa who was saved from a slaughterhouse in May 2016 and developed a love for painting. I’m not making any of this up. Living up to his reputation, Pigcasso created what could very well be the single most difficult track design in the world, something that the Q50, with the help of racer Michael Krumm, would have to drive around. Nissan said that Krumm himself wasn’t privy to Pigcasso’s track design, which could explain the startled look on his face as he was trying to get his feel of the course. In the end, he managed to complete a lap of the track on the Q50, doing so while being told mid-lap about the identity of the swine who designed the whole thing. The video makes for a fascinating and admittedly entertaining watch, although having Pigcasso in it kind of pulled the attention away from Infiniti showcasing the Q50’s Direct Adaptive Steering System.


2018 Infiniti Q50 High Resolution Exterior
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Source: YouTube - Nissan

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