Time and time again the old adage that “you can’t buy taste” is all too evident in the world of high end customizing, and while the Beatles used to sing “Can’t buy me love” it appears that English Premier League soccer star Stephen Ireland is trying to dispel that with his girlfriend Jessica Lawlor’s 24th birthday present, an extensively modified Bentley Continental GTC. He got the idea after Jessica jokingly suggested that he get her something in the style of Pimp-My-Ride to match Stephen’s blue accented Audi R8. The 23 year old midfielder kept the entire ordeal a secret from almost everyone, especially Jessica who was simply stunned when she received her gift.

Pimped out Bentley Continental GTC Stephen Ireland style
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The modified 200 MPH drop top is full of special details that make this Bentley truly unique. Stephen had the flying B on the hood of the car replaced with a J and even the two tone deep dished rims have Jessica’s initials panted on them. On the inside Stephen went the extra step and had an oversized heart stitched into the red headrest with the message “To Jess Love From Stephen” monogrammed inside. Despite the extreme lack of a taste and absence of style, Jessica is absolutely delighted with her birthday gift, after all what 24 year old female wouldn’t.

Although the Bentley Continental GTC underwent £264,000 worth of modifications, the mighty 6.0 Liter W12 was left alone and still produces a maximum output of 552 HP and is capable of accelerating the all wheel drive grand touring car from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.8 seconds and keep on going all the way up to a top speed of 198 MPH.


Source: Daily Mail

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  (334) posted on 03.7.2011

I love the coupe. And its a fun and nice ride though. But can I get back my money after ten years? Hehe

  (765) posted on 02.7.2010

It’s a cool girl ride. It is pretty tuned neatly should I say. I love the wheels and I love on how red and white just combines and everything works really well. Hope there were more interior pictures though.

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.6.2009

I had always thought Bentleys were rear wheel drive.

AK47  (177) posted on 10.6.2009

I used to be a big fan of Stephen Ireland until his greatest controversy for lying about a grandmother’s death. And with abusing a Bentley Continental, I hate him even more.

AK47  (182) posted on 10.6.2009

The red ream of the wheels is sure nice. But how about the red heart on it? I don’t know if Jessica is lucky or not. Got me thinking if the money is all worth it.

AK47  (182) posted on 10.6.2009

Give it a little credit, you have to admit that it has a very nice wheels. The red reams are definitely a nice choice. Though I can barely identified the Bentley Continental it has modified. So I guess I have to agree with you when you say that extensive is an understatement.

AK47  (183) posted on 10.6.2009

Too for what a human being can bare to see. Bentley Continental is such a nice car only for them to turn it into a monstrous car. "Extensive modification" is an understatement.

AK47  (180) posted on 10.6.2009

Rich and dumb, yes. The owner must be so filthy rich, s/he doesn’t know how to spend it. It’s an overdo if you would ask me.

AK47  (13) posted on 10.5.2009

Wow, it must really to be that rich and have absolutely no taste whatsoever!

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