• Pininfarina Teases Battista Hypercar With a Generous Portion of Wheel

The wheel-shot alone has hyped us for the launch of this Italian electric revelation

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Pininfarina is all set to launch its latest hypercar, the Battista, at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The Mahindra-acquired design-house, famous for its association with fellow-countryman Ferrari, has released some teaser images before finally unveiling the Battista next week. One of them shows the wheel of the hypercar in all its glory. How does it look, you ask? Absolutely drool-worthy!

The Battista Has Special Needs

Pininfarina Teases Battista Hypercar With a Generous Portion of Wheel
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When you have 1,900 horses under the hood, you cannot run it on your everyday, random tires. Pininfarina has partnered with Pirelli to make tires that are exclusive to the Battista.

The hypercar will ride on race-derived, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tires mounted on 21-inch, smokin' hot gunmetal alloys.

These alloys are complemented with red calipers. For a car that can sprint to 186 miles per hour in merely 12 seconds, even its braking prowess needs to be equally strong. For this, Pininfarina has assigned Brembo with the duty to control the 4,400-pound beast when it goes all berserk. The brake-scientist has used its Formula E technical know-how to create special carbon ceramic brakes and a recovery system for the Battista that also allows for brake-energy recouperation to the battery.

Three Cars Will Be Displayed At The 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Pininfarina Teases Battista Hypercar With a Generous Portion of Wheel
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Pininfarina will bring three Battistas to Geneva, each showcasing different aspects of the car. The first one, called the Grigio Luserna, will feature a satin grey body with a mix of anodised aluminium and satin Blu Iconica blue details.

On the inside, this model will wear a two-tone black and tan upholstery.

The second car is finished in Blu Iconica, a signature Pininfarina blue shade, and is complemented with small modifications to the outside rear view mirrors and the hood to make it look a lot more dramatic than the other themes. The third one is moniker’d the Bianco Sestriere and wears a white pearlescent exterior. This model will showcase the automaker’s customization service for Battista customers. We believe this is the car that the Mahindra-owned company teased as it is painted in red between the rocker and the door and also comes with red calipers.

The Pininfarina Battista Is A Monster

Pininfarina Teases Battista Hypercar With a Generous Portion of Wheel
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Talking about the ultra-exclusive hypercar itself, Pininfarina has returned to the automotive scene after a seven-year exile with a monstrous electric car named after its founder.

The company revealed that the Battista will pack 1,900 horses and 1,696 pound-feet of torque. These four-digit power figures take the car from a standstill to 62 mph in less than two seconds!

The Battista smokes away (pun intended) the Bugatti Chiron, but is still 10 mph shy of the Rimac C_Two which tops out at 260 mph. The electric beast from Rimac will churn out 1,888 horses and can do the 0-62 mph sprint in 1.85 seconds.

In a nutshell, the hypercar boasts a body design that looks fantastic and cleverly handles aerodynamics. The two different elements in the rear act as the air brake, thus nullifying the need for any additional rear spoiler. The whole upper section of the nose can lift up and act as a spoiler. The taillights have been integrated into the rear wings, making the car look a lot more fancy without compromising on the driving abilities.


Pininfarina Teases Battista Hypercar With a Generous Portion of Wheel
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Apart from its association with Pirelli and Brembo, the design house is also teaming up with a lot of technology partners, including Rimac, the electric supercar maker from Croatia. Rimac will be developing its powertrain and battery tech. The Battista will be produced in just 150 examples, 50 of which are dedicated to each of Pininfarina’s markets - the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. As for the pricing, it is speculated to wear a price tag of $2.5 million. The Battista will be unveiled on the 4th of March 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Pininfarina Teases Battista Hypercar With a Generous Portion of Wheel
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Note: all images courtesy of Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina’s ground-breaking Battista luxury electric hypercar will be revealed in three different beautiful specifications at the World Premiere of the all-electric hypercar in Geneva on 4th March at 20:30 (CET). All three examples will then be available to view by visitors to the Geneva International Motor Show 2019.

Visitors to this year’s Geneva show will see Automobili Pininfarina present two examples of the ground-breaking Battista hypercar on its stand. Potential clients wishing to express interest in owning Battista are invited to meet the Automobili Pininfarina sales team to discuss their requirements with the new brand on Stand 2146, in Hall 1 of the Palexpo exhibition centre.

A Grigio Luserna Battista features anodized aluminium detailing and accents in satin Blu Iconica on its dramatic satin grey body. With its unique, strong wheel design and a duo-tone black and tan interior, this specification presents a strong, well-defined and dynamic expression of Battista that still remains elegant.

The second Battista presents the Battista design pack, Iconica by Automobili Pininfarina. This Blu Iconica car represents the closest of the three cars to the traditional Pininfarina brand colour with an interpretation of Pininfarina blue. More electric in tone than Pininfarina’s traditional blue, reflecting the technological innovation within, multiple layers of paint make it a deep blue representing the ambition to deliver electric performance in a luxurious package. Aesthetically the car is more dramatic with bonnet and wing-mirror modifications that visually link the bonnet to the windscreen via carbon fibre blades. The front wing above the front LED light strip is visually divided into two, reflecting the car’s rear wing graphic and unifying the overall design.

Automobili Pininfarina’s Design Director, Luca Borgogno, explains: “We wanted Battista to be very Italian, with sensual curves to give back a feeling of the cars of the ’60s and the moment in time when sensual design in cars was to the fore and when Pininfarina really became iconic. The body form speaks this Italian language, with the details developed in collaboration with each car’s owner adding the accents and personality.”

Also in Hall 1 is Pininfarina SpA, on Stand 1241, where a third Battista design model will be displayed. The Pininfarina SpA team will be promoting its own specialist design services to prospective corporate clients throughout the show.

Finished in Bianco Sestriere, a pure pearlescent white, small colour details hark back to historic Pininfarina cars such as the legendary Ferrari Modulo concept, a classic example of how the Italian Carrozzeria produces understated, elegant and visually striking cars. One such design detail adds a red aluminium line along the flanks between the rocker and door, immediately ahead of the front wheel and running along the back from the rear wheels. This adds a ‘light touch’ of design, adding to the overall elegance of proportions. Red calipers and a dark chrome line over the window are the limits of decoration making this Battista the most purely representative of Pininfarina’s styling excellence.

The three Battistas clearly present Automobili Pininfarina’s solutions for ultra-high performance and beautiful style and each car’s exterior design shows how to elegantly integrate active and passive aerodynamics and performance functionality. Inside, there is an ergonomic obsession to ensure the car is accessible for every driver’s experience and skill – the layout of controls completely focused on maximizing drivability at 30 km/h or 300 km/h.

Feedback from the first Battista clients has also been incorporated in some of the three cars’ detailing with variations on a pure and classic Pininfarina design to more dramatic interpretations.

Highly respected hypercar engineer to spearhead Battista development programme from March

Further exciting personnel announcements will be made on the night including the arrival of one of the most highly respected engineers responsible for the development of a Formula 1‑inspired hypercar from a world-class luxury car brand. His name will be revealed alongside the three Battistas, which will be presented on the night by an exciting line-up of leaders and senior management at Automobili Pininfarina, Mahindra and Pininfarina SpA. These include Anand Mahindra, Michael Perschke, Paolo Pininfarina, Nick Heidfeld, Mahindra Racing’s Formula E drivers and other special guests from the world of motorsport and sustainable motoring.

Battista world premiere to feature celebration of Mahindra Racing success in Formula E

To illustrate the close links and technological synergy between the Battista and the Mahindra Racing cars, a uniquely liveried Formula E car will also be presented by Mahindra Racing, who currently lead the Formula E team and drivers’ championships.

Mahindra Racing’s involvement in the ground-breaking Formula E race series since race one, season one has built up a knowledge of electric powertrain technologies and systems management that will be of direct benefit to the Battista. Key engineering challenges such as power storage and delivery, cooling and software systems controls have been fine-tuned on the Mahindra Racing cars as the Formula E series has developed significantly since its first race in 2014. This fast-paced technological development helps fast-track the Battista’s testing and development cycle, especially considering that this programme will be led by Mahindra Racing’s most experienced driver, Nick Heidfeld.

Dilbagh Gill, CEO & Team Principal, Mahindra Racing Formula E Team, said: “The world premiere of the Battista hypercar is a pivotal moment in the evolution of performance cars driven by EV technology. I am delighted that our championship-leading team, Mahindra Racing, and drivers are here with Automobili Pininfarina to celebrate this moment with a bespoke version of our race car dedicated to Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina.”

Automobili Pininfarina confirms Battista hypercar partnership with Pirelli

Legendary Italian automotive brand Pirelli has confirmed its partnership with Automobili Pininfarina in the creation of the Battista hypercars premiered in Geneva. Each of the new Automobili Pininfarina pure-electric masterpieces will be presented fitted with a bespoke Pirelli P Zero tyre mounted on a 21-inch rim in an exclusive new design specific to the Battista show cars. Automobili Pininfarina and Pirelli are now engaged in discussions to develop a tyre programme for the most powerful Italian sports car ever made.

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