We have seen a plethora of pink super cars recently
Everything from the highly modified
Mansory Vitesse Rose based on a Bentley Continental to slightly lesser Lamborghini Gallados, Bugatti Veyrons and even a pink Pagani Zonda. It is foreign to us here at Top Speed, but there is something about this very feminine shade of red that somehow appeals to the owners of some of the world’s most powerful speed machines, and who are we to argue with them.

This two tone extremely pink Audi R8 super car is another fine example of what Barbie, or Paris Hilton for that matter, might be driving if she could cruise he Autobahn. As it comes from the factory, the old R8 is an amazing automobile; with its 420 HP high revving V8 and the stability of Quattro all wheel drive. The new V10 powered R8 however is a beast of a higher pedigree, the 500+ HP aluminum Audi super car will begin to challenge the likes of Lamborghinis worldwide with its newfound power under the clear deck lid.

Personally we would go with flat black before we would go the whole nine yards with a pastel paint like this R8 owner chose to. Despite their best attempts, this feminine finish doesn’t take away from the Audi super car’s powerful appearance. However what we want to know is, where did they get the pink carbon fiber for the R8’s side blades?


Source: Autojunk.nl

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Naterade22  (238) posted on 10.3.2009

someone likes to drive that with pride?

badestofthebad  (608) posted on 10.3.2009

just castrating the poor car man....sum ppl dred lol

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.3.2009

As if this car didn’t look girly enough.

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