There is the Pink Panther, the pink Cadillac, even the pink Kitchen Aid mixer. Lately, pink has been the color of those who oppose breast cancer. To show that you, too, oppose breast cancer, you can buy a special pink Mustang.
Actually, this is less painful that it could be, because the car’s black. The pink is a stripe along the bottom, just above the rocker panels.
It’s an extension of Ford’s “Warriors in Pink” program, which previously sold women’s clothing tops in black with a pink pattern on the front that looks vaguely like the “flying chicken” that used to be glued onto the hoods of Pontiac Trans-Ams.
The car can also be had as a coupe, and base colors also include silver and white. In any color, the car comes with a special side badge, comprised of the Mustang logo surmounted by a pink ribbon. You also get pink stitching in the interior. It’s all pitched as supporting the “Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation” and it has Kelly Clarkson as the pitch person (now that she’s made up with Clive Davis and, consequently, still has a day job).
“You walk away with a fun conversation-starter of a car, and Komen for the Cure gets $250 from the sale of each package,” according to the Warriors.
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There will be walks and runs against cancer during the month. But, says the Warriors, “[i] If you’re not a runner, get a Warrior Mustang and maybe they’ll let you Drive for the Cure instead.”
Or maybe you could just donate the money where it would do the most good: your Ford dealer, where you can get a Mustang with stripes of a better color for $250 less.
Seriously, the website for those wishing to donate to a cause that fights cancer is For those wishing to donate to a cause that promotes “pink Mustangs,” it’s

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  (103) posted on 10.4.2007

Most cancer campaigns go for the pink color, but it won`t sell that good for mustang

  (60) posted on 10.4.2007

wonder why they chose the mustang

  (132) posted on 10.4.2007

Dunno if a lot of people will buy it just for the ’cause’, unless they wanna make themselves some publicity..

  (608) posted on 10.3.2007

its for a gud cause an all i admit but damn dred if it wasn’t for the black exterior that car wud be stripped of all dignity

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