Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month wouldn’t be complete without paying some respect to a group of people that have done their own tribute for BCAM.

Meet the ‘Guardians of the Pink Ribbon’ and their unique rides, pink fire trucks. Now, before you say “hey, what’s so exotic about pink fire trucks?” consider first the circumstances. This group of police officers and firefighters travel across the country for the sole purpose of raising awareness for breast cancer, which is what we’re trying to do, except on a much, much more miniscule scale.

Pink Power 5: The Pink Ribbon Tour
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The group is led by Dave Graybill, a firefighter from Arizona, and what they do is they tour the country to collect signatures on their pink fire truck from breast cancer survivors and their supporters.

This year, they’ve christened their tour as the “Pink Heals Tour ‘09”, which officially kicked off last September 12 in Las Vegas and will go on until their final stop on Halloween night back in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The whole project was started by Graybill to honor and pay respect to all those women afflicted with breast cancer. In his own words: “We, who have not been affected, let’s put on our t-shirts, strap our belts, pull up our pants, and let’s go rally and start supporting our women. I’m asking all men to wear pink to honor women in their fight against cancer. I’m asking police chiefs, fire chiefs, politicians, as leaders in the country, show your women you love them.”

We may not be any of the above, but we hear your message loud and clear, Mr. Graybill. Thank you for what you’re doing.


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  (714) posted on 12.6.2010

This is a really nice and excellent campaign for Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I really see the ethical conduct of this pink ribbon tour.

  (380) posted on 08.26.2010

Thanks to them people became more aware of Breast Cancer, and why not when those chicks are at the top of each truck.

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