In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Topspeed is running down a list of the most attention-grabbing pink cars spotted anywhere in the world. Our latest car in the offing is aPorsche 996 Turbo RUF Edition - and no, we’re not talking about that gold-plated variety.

When people usually decide to change the color of their cars to pink, more often than not, the result leaves a lot to be desired. It’s rare to find a car that looks so much better in pink. There are, however, instances when pink not only makes the car look better, but also gives it a sexy and flamboyant vibe.

This Porsche 996 TURBO RUF EDITION is one such example. As far as we’re concerned, what makes this pink Porsche super sexy is the fact that the owner didn’t go with an outlandishly pink color for his 996. It’s shiny, subtle, and eye-catching. It also helps that this particular 996 Turbo RUF Edition can blast through at breathtaking speeds.

Put one and one together and there’s only one thing to say; in the words of the immortal Paris Hilton - “that’s hot!”


Source: Dreamcar Ltd

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  (1) posted on 12.20.2011

That is my car, Just to let you know it is not a RUF Edition.

The car is a 996 Turbo a special order from Porsche Exclusive, with the Techart Bodykit, Techart suspension, and a Techart Exhaust system which is actually a Tubi exhasut system, also she is re-mapped by Techart to produce more power then the standard 996 turbo.

But it is not a RUF Edition.

Thanks for admiring my car however.

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