Ever wish you had a monster truck as a kid? Of course you did! Well now you can actually buy a half-sized, fully functional version built for kids between eight and 18 years old.

The Mini Monster Truck’s backbone is a fully boxed, tube frame chassis constructed from 2-inch diameter tubing. On top is a fiberglass body ready for sponsorship decals and logos. It rides on 40-inch-tall agricultural tires with steel rims. Solid axles front and rear offer 4WD. Nitrogen-filled, remote-reservoir shocks front and rear make the truck’s ride just as smooth as the real deal. And if your kid (or you) manages to get this beast stuck, a winch is ready for recovery duty.

Powering this pint-sized pounder is a Ford-sourced four-cylinder gas engine with an available shot of nitrous oxide, perfect for picking up speed for jumps – or so says the promotional material. While it does have NOS, it might be the slowest vehicle so equipped, as the truck tops out at 25 mph. That’s likely due to the super low gearing in the axles and the two-speed transmission.

The truck also comes fitted with a Kicker audio system, LED lights, and a GoPro camera – because even eight-year-olds want to video their nighttime cornfield parties.

But perhaps the most shocking aspect about this truck is its price. The custom-built, made-to-order Mini Monster Truck retails for an astonishing $125,000. Ouch! And don’t expect this thing to double as your teenager’s ride to school. This 4,500-pound truck is by no means road legal.

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Why it matters

There is a growing trend in mini monster truck competitions for kids to begin a career in the industry. Like karting for racecar drivers, this mini monster series teaches kids how to drive and compete in the monster truck arena. There are different sizes, including the half-size above and smaller one-third scale trucks for different classes.

Source: Hammacher

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