"Power is nothing without control." This is Pirelli’s slogan and this is the reason why it’s working on an intelligent tire, which uses a microchip inserted into the carcass to supply essential information. Now the tire can report the state of the tire and on-road conditions to the driver and car, making the electronic control of the car more efficient.

The “intelligent tire” will be delivered to market in two stages: the Cyber Lean and the Cyber Tire. The first one will be available starting 2010 can register data such as tire pressure and temperature, as well as the average load of the vehicle.

The Cyber Tire is an evolution of the Cyber Lean. It will use an even more sophisticated and even smaller electronic device to communicate in real time with the electronic devices of the car, such as the ESP and the ABS. The electronic sensor will be directly inserted into the structure of the tire, becoming an integral part of its construction.


Source: The Auto Channel

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