• Please Don’t Let This Be The Next Toyota MR2

The concept is just too cute to be a sports car

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By now, everyone out there knows that Toyota has big plans for the future: going all electric by 2035 is the company’s main focus. In fact, we’ve already seen 16 new concept cars that preview this future: SUVs, trucks, sports car, sedans, will all go electric. One concept that caught our attention though is a yellow one that is supposed to preview the long rumored MR2 successor.

Please Don't Let This Be The Next Toyota MR2
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And, if this is indeed the next MR2 we have two problems with it.

Firstly, why do all automakers think that electric cars need to be cute? Whatever happened with aggressiveness? I mean yes, the concept car does have some futuristic lines to it, and some cool headlamps that for sure won’t make it to production, but in general, it has such a "cute" feeling to it that it almost looks like something my five-years old niece will proudly drive along the alley.

Please Don't Let This Be The Next Toyota MR2
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And secondly, and probably the most important part. We do understand that when you bring back a big name you are supposed to take over from where the predecessor left. But, when we are talking about the MR2, Toyota should have taken a few steps back and taken its inspiration from the first generation MR2. Instead, the concept looks inspired by the third generation - a design that actually killed a big name. So, why would you want to take over from there? Plus, that a design inspired by the first generation MR2 would take us back to our first issue: the aggressiveness. We feel that if the concept was to be inspired by the first generation MR2 it would have had a more angular design, more pronounced lines, and would have also been a little bit more aerodynamic. And isn’t that what a sports car should be all about?

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