Based on the new Audi TT Model MK2 8J Pogea Racing created a complete new Body Kit Program, Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems, Performance Engine Upgrades and Carbon Fibre Parts for all of the car. Beginning with the HUSTTLER Front Bumper Version “ONE” with only one fog light on each side of the bottom part of the bumper, you can also get the “TWIN” Version with 2 fog lights on each side. This can also be used as cornering lighting. Lastly, the Version “ZERO” without fog lights. The new face can be ordered in PEC (Polyepoxycarbonate) or in full carbon fibre.

The most in demand part in the bumper is the LED DRL Lightning from the acutual 2007 Audi S6 Model. All body parts can either be coated with any color or ordered in two different carbon fibre layer styles. “OD” means One Direction Layer or “FISH” will be laid in a 90 degree angle and always cut in the middle of a piece, that is attached on both sides of the car. So the “SAMURAI SWORD” / Spoiler on the bottom of the Front bumper.

Pogea Racing Husttler Concept
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To add more to the new face, you can individualise the front bumper with the new „BLADE“ Front Grill Insert. This deletes the Corperate Identity Audi Rings and can be also delivered in carbon fibre and in PEC. Because it is PEC you can paint any of the grill parts in colour or order it in carbon. The other possibility is to just order the frame in one of the materials and use the OEM Grill. This gives the OEM Grill a new style, new color and new optic.

There is some of the most creative parts of this concept. For example the “SPYKKER” rear bumper with side slits and vents, also supplied with grill meshes. The slits can be ordered in carbon or in PEC. All new diffuser covers for the Pogea Racing stainless steel exhaust systems can be installed on this bumper, which are just made for the new OVAL TWIN EXHAUST SYSTEM. Pogea Racing offers now 2 stainless steel systems that are full TÜV approved and legal in any country.

They use the Marine Steel spec. US409 in combination with ISO Steel. Pogea Racing offers his customers to play a bit with the exhaust tips. Now he can choose between oval, round, flat or rounded exhaust tips, again which are TÜV approved. These designs will work with a Pogea Racing Diffuser or the Audi OEM Diffuser. All of this with no extra costs.

Pogea Racing Husttler Concept
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Performance Power for the new TT through Motronic OBD Tuning was increased up to 280hp this is achieved through OBD tuning added to the Pogea Racing Exhaust System and a special Air Filter element. The torque is now reaching 420Nm very easily and is limited by the tuner to keep it save. If this is not enough Pogea makes a small Turbo Upgrade Kit that delivers round about 330hp – and all of these being also TÜV approved. The GPS Measurement showed up top speed of approx. 285km/h (180mph)

To keep this performance on the street the Pogea Racing Tuning Team developed a brand new system of rear spoiler wing called „BIPLANE SPOILER“. The results of measurements showed another 34kg extra down force on the rear of the car at a speed of 180km/h (110mph). Through the exact design it was possible to use a screwed on spoiler over a narrowed version of the OEM mechanic / electrical adjusted spoiler from Audi. This is now the reason, why the original idea from Audi is not touched and the electrical adjustment can stay with the spoiler.

Every POGEA RACING product can be ordered in carbon fibre. Through an intelligent autoclave process it is possible to produce any plastic part in full carbon. Now Pogea offers their customers either PEC or carbon fibre for any product. Now there is the full body kit program, interior parts, door handles, mirror housings, plastic pieces (for example all the aluminium parts inside the car switched to carbon). The process guarantees a top quality and very short delivery time.

Pogea Racing Husttler Concept
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Last are the fenders with the air vents. The idea is to reduce the twisting air inside the inner wing. All together it makes a much better handling, better steering response, down pressure and no more backpressure on the body now the inner wing is vented. Also these parts are either made of carbon or PEC.

In Partnership with BBS Pogea Racing shows the CH Wheel in 19“ painted in Phantom Black Pearl.

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