In April 2006 on the E6 road in southern Sweden a police officer was chasing a speeding Ferrari 360 Modena down the wrong side of a motorway at 300 km/h. So what’s with that you will say? Nothing new, we hear before about a Ferrari speeding on the highway and a police officer trying to catch it. Well you are right, but I am sure you dind’t expect that the police officer was charged for that and will have to go in court pretty soon. Why? For careless driving.

The owner of the Ferrari, Bo-Göran Sederlin was driving to a meeting of car enthusiasts, when it met another Ferrari on the motorway. Another car starting to chase the other two Ferraris, but Bo-Göran Sederlin didn’t know it was a police car because it wasn’t marked.

The police set up road blocks to try to catch the car, but when Sederlin reached the block he did a u-turn and drove the wrong way down the motorway.

"I thought he was trying to ram us. I swerved to avoid him, and he smashed into my right side. It was crazy," Sederlin told Aftonbladet. The car, worth one million kronor, smashed into a crash barrier and was written off.

Now both Sederlin and the policeman are being charged with careless driving. Prosecutors say they want to see how far police officers are allowed to go to stop dangerous driving.

Source: The Local

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pdaix  (433) posted on 03.1.2007

those high speed chase are crazy.. better let them go and not risk killing more innocent people..

moreover it should not be that hard to find a Ferrari at a later point in the highway..

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