The police cruiser is the symbol of law and order on our nation’s roads. Yet, besides the lights and the paint job, they look like any other car on the road. However, looks can be deceiving.

Years ago, manufacturers basically retrofitted vehicles for police use. They took a retail vehicle and just bolted on components. Now, vehicles like the Tahoe and Impala are being designed with the intent from the beginning of being produced as police vehicles. For example, the Police Tahoe is lower to the ground for improved handling at high speeds. It also features a fully integrated electrical system to make it easier to install police equipment like light bars and police radios.
At the GM Proving Grounds in Mesa, Arizona, police departments come from all over the country to test the latest technologies. It can be anything from pursuit-capable interceptors to 4-wheel drive Special Services vehicles which can act as on-scene command centers. The end result is a car that delivers more power, an enhanced ride, and more safety features.

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