Pontiac to sell mechandise in Virgin Megastores

A partnership between Pontiac and Virgin Megastores will present a different form of marketing strategy for both companies.

Pontiac and Virgin Mega stores form partnership.

Pontiac has for some time had music industry links, mainly with the use of popular music within their marketing and advertising strategies, Virgin Mega stores on the other hand have a huge interest in the music industry and with many years experience.

The partnership will see Virgin Mega stores acting as Pontiacs music and licensing experts, this will enable the car company to use even more music related adverts and marketing plans to include music related themes etc. Pontiac will be using the Virgin Mega store network to place advertising towers, these are huge display units that will be prominently placed within the store and will have music related items that carry sponsorship by Pontiac and they will also carry Pontiac merchandise.

Pontiac sold more than 435,000 cars in 2005 and are part of the General Motors Corporations, and the sales ranks Pontiac at third within the group. Virgin Entertainment Group has become one of the largest music retailers around, they have always been at the cutting edge of music and the marketing of music related products.

This is truly a remarkable relationship and will be very interesting to see exactly what the long term plans are and how they will be managed.

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