Pontiac will discontinue the GT and all-wheel-drive versions of the Vibe wagon after the 2006 model year due to sluggish sales of those models and changes in U.S. emissions standards that would have made them costly to redesign.

Pontiac will continue to offer the base-model Vibe for the 2007 model year. It may bring back the GT and awd versions with the next-generation Vibe, a spokesman says.

In a bulletin to Pontiac dealers Thursday morning, Buick-Pontiac-GMC General Manager John Larson told dealers they had until April and May to put in their last requests for the GT and AWD versions. Larson cited changes to U.S. regulatory standards as the reason.

Pontiac will produce about 45,000 Vibes for 2006 model year, Hopson says. In July, Pontiac starts production on the 2007 base Vibe.

The base Vibe price starts at $16,990, the awd starts at $19,990 and the GT is $20,665. All prices include shipping.

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