Motor Trend seems to have blown it. MT gleefully and with much pizzaz reported that it had scooped everyone, and that Chevrolet – NOT PONTIAC – would be getting the rear wheel drive alpha platform car, the proverbial BMW-fighter.
The Motor Trend report has been shot down by none other that Mr. Lutz, as in Robert Lutz, as in the top man at GM’s product side.
A member of the website e-mailed Lutz after the report came out, asking him of it were true that Chevy and not Pontiac would be getting the alpha platform car.
Here’s Lutz’ response: "Totally untrue. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet! Valuable advice! Even in politics...or esecially!"
Now, not everything Bob Lutz has said has been on the money – such as Cadillac’s not developing a V-12. But, on this one, it seems that he’s got no reason to deny the report, if it were true.
Indeed, logic always made the Motor Trend report suspect, as the alpha smaller rear wheel drive platform would be a very logical fit in the Pontiac line-up, slotting in below the G8 and giving the division a comprehensive rear wheel drive model range. That doesn’t mean Chevy wouldn’t get it, too. But it made no sense for Pontiac to be excluded from the alpha platform.
So, maybe Motor Trend will now favor us all with an explanation of how it was so wrong.

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  (13) posted on 12.6.2007

I thought the G8 was on the Alpha platform.

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