• Pontiac G8 ST canceled

The car industry is becoming like playing Russian roulette with five chambers loaded. A lot of cars are winners (dead) with very few losers (survivors). The latest confirmed car to get the big bang is Pontiac’s G8 ST (the El Camino.)

Although disappointed, we are not surprised. The car was too late in the game to be effective. Had it arrived a few years earlier, when everyone had the credit to buy whatever car they wanted, a unique V8 powered truck/car would have netted a handsome sum. But then gas prices and unemployment rates went up. The public is not buying cars, especially novelty ones. General Motors went scrambling to find a place for its new El Camino, but importing the Holden-based car from Australia was looking too costly. Rumors swirled that the car would be a V6 only; then back to a V8; then the car would be delayed; now finally, BANG it’s dead.


Source: Pickuptrucks

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Alina Moore
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With a 3.6 liter High Feature V6 engine producing 256 horsepower.

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