Popcorn Garage, eh? I clicked through to the movie-trivia site to check it out, and the first thing I saw was a very familiar modified DeLorean DMC-12.

And then it was an hour later.

This mysterious website, the brainchild of Paris-based artist and graphic designer Priska and art director Romain Zitouni, is a movie buff and puzzle-hunter’s delight. The seemingly innocuous garage scene is stuffed with movie references. There are 66 of them in all, and the game is of course to identify them by name. The Popcorn Garage will sign you in via Facebook or other social media, and keeps track of your score. There’s no time limit, but if you make three wrong guesses, the garage lights flicker and go out, and you’ve got to start all over again. In the tradition of free web-games, it’s absolutely addictive. The movies referenced are a blend of popular blockbusters and cult classics from the past fifty years. It requires a sharp eye, attention to detail, and a reasonably good memory for the movies you’ve seen. In short, yes, it’s going to suck away an hour or so of your work day. In spite of the garage setting and Route 66 reference, this game’s for everyone.

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Why it matters

The answers have been posted online by the elite few who have completed the game, but apart from admitting that my top score was just 45 out of 66 before I had to go looking for help, I won’t give anything away!

The designers haven’t announced a second edition, but the site’s intensely popular at the moment, so perhaps they’re working on a follow-up. Besides, what kind of movie-themed game would it be if there was no sequel?

Source: http://popcorngarage.com/

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