217 mph is so yesterday!

Phew, it’s Friday again. The weekend is just around the corner and summer is officially over. Well, the heat will still be around for a while, but at least the temperature is going down, and we’re getting rain on a regular basis. If you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that I hate heat. And summer. And fancy concept cars that scream "I won’t make it into production, haha!" Just like the Smart Vision EQ ForTwo. Seriously now, what’s the deal with all these cookie concept cars that look like they came from the future only to get stuck in the past, with no production model in showrooms? Aren’t you getting tired of that? It’s like automakers have some sort of target to reach. Just imagine some CEO rushing into a meeting to yell "okay folks, it’s 2017, and by 2022 we need to build five fancy concept cars. Don’t worry, we won’t put them into production, but they have to look futuristic and feature fancy gadgets."

I swear that this is exactly how the Smart Vision EQ ForTwo concept was born. And Mercedes even had the nerve to give it an "EQ" badge to make us believe we will be able to buy one in the future. No, we won’t! I mean, we will be able to buy a better Smart EV at some point, but it won’t like this concept. It won’t be fully autonomous, it won’t have the fancy, lounge seat, and it won’t be able to read your mind. It will be just another cramped, overrated ForTwo with enough luggage room for a head of cabbage, three carrots, and half a cucumber. At least you can make a salad once you’re back from the market...

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Yet Another Overpriced BMW

BMW Unveils 2018 i3 and i3s High Resolution Exterior
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BMWs are overpriced. It's a statement you probably hate.

BMWs are overpriced. It’s a statement you probably hate. But if you do, it means you’re a BMW fanboy and your judgement isn’t exactly objective. You’re the guy that buys the more expensive ice cream for the fancier packaging.

So which overpriced Bimmer am I talking about now? The i3. The electric hatchback that’s less powerful than the competition, returns significantly less mileage without that gasoline engine, provides less space inside the cabin, but costs way more when equipped with all the features you need. Because BMW, the company that could make a profit selling camel turds with white-and-blue roundels on them.

BMW Unveils 2018 i3 and i3s Exterior High Resolution
- image 728638
I don't care about gadgets. I want an EV that provides at least 200 miles of range and costs less than $25,000.

And yes, I know that the Germans just updated the i3. But you know what? The update is mostly about tech and gadgets. And I don’t care about gadgets. I want an EV that provides at least 200 miles of range and costs less than $25,000 before rebates. That’s what I call affordable. $35,000 isn’t affordable. The Toyota Camry is affordable, and it starts from $23,495. How do you expect people to move to electric cars when the most affordable EVs are as expensive as full-size sedans, but significantly smaller? We’re not all hipsters. And some of us have families and we’d like to have enough room for two kids in the back and a decent trunk.

Is that too much to ask?

Make A Fool of Yourself, Be Like Mercedes-AMG

2020 Mercedes-AMG Project One High Resolution Exterior Drawings
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Come on, man, it's freakin' 2017. McLaren exceeded 217 mph in the mid-1990s.

Bhahahahaha, have you seen Mercedes’ latest statement about the Project One supercar??? Bhahahahaha, seriously now, have you? Haha... ha... oh God, I can’t stop laughing. They said... mpffff haha, that it will... pffft... have a top speed that will exceed... oh God, here it comes again... 217 mph. Two hundred and seventeen miles per hour! Ahahahahahaha!!!


Come on, man, it’s freakin’ 2017. McLaren exceeded this speed in the mid-1990s and Bugatti hit almost 258 mph in 2010. Heck, the new Bugatti Chiron is good for 261 mph. There are at least ten production supercars that can hit 217 mph and you, Mercedes-AMG, want to launch a 1,000-horsepower Formula One car for the road with a top speed that "exceeds" 217 mph? Unless it exceeds that mark by a whole lot, you just blew it. And you know what sucks even more? That this car will cost some three million bucks. Pfeh, you can buy at least six Lamborghini Aventadors with that kind of money and all of them will hit 217 mph and even exceed that benchmark by a little bit.

I’ve never thought I’d be disappointed by a car that can reach more than 200 mph, but here I am in 2017 unhappy about ludicrous speed ratings. Now is this progress or what?


BMW i3

BMW Unveils 2018 i3 and i3s Exterior High Resolution
- image 728695

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Mercedes-AMG Project One.

2020 Mercedes-AMG Project One Computer Renderings and Photoshop Exclusive Renderings Exterior
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