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Oh wow, the 2018 Geneva Motor Show was so much fun. So many concept cars that won’t make it into production, so many supercars that we can’t buy. Scratch that, and we’re left with the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 508, Volvo V60, Toyota Yaris, and some special-edition models that aren’t all that special. Oh wait, this year’s show was also about quite a few good examples of laziness in the design department. Nissan takes the cake with two different cars, but Mercedes-Benz also made the list with its latest performance car.

Nothing New to Display? Refurbish!

Nissan Redefines Laziness by Slapping a Kuro Badge on the IMx Concept Exterior
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Bored much, Nissan? Maybe you should work on that production model instead

That’s exactly what Nissan did. Remember the cool IMx concept, that is supposed to become a competitor for the Tesla Model X at some point? Well, it’s not there yet, but Nissan thought it was a good idea to repaint it, change the name, and show it off in Geneva as a European debut. It’s gray instead of white, it has black wheels, and a body-colored nose. That’s it! But now it’s called the Kuro. It means "black" in Japanese, and it’s indeed appropriate to describe the darker appearance of the IMx, but come on, what was wrong with just showing the white concept in Geneva? Bored much, Nissan? Maybe you should work on that production model instead.

The brand also thought it’s a good idea to give the Juke a few new paint options and a new sound system. Sure, it’s not a bad idea, but the Juke is like seven freaking years old. Just launch the second-generation model already! Or at least give us a more comprehensive update. Or you could do what automakers do when they don’t have anything new to show: stay home!

The New AMG CLS GT 53 63 4-Door

2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe Exterior
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Nope, the title above isn’t a weird new car from Mercedes-Benz, I made it up. But, only because the new AMG GT 4-Door is actually a CLS with an AMG GT front end and a somewhat unique rear fascia. Yup, the folks over at AMG were disappointingly lazy for all the hype that surrounded this performance sedan up until now. Yeah, I know, it’s fast, and the range-topping version has more power than the AMG GT R, but this doesn’t save it from being a glorified CLS. Not that I have something against the CLS — I actually like it — but just sayin’.

I’m Never Watching Formula One Again!

Think Audi's e-Tron FE05 Formula E Car is Cool? Check out the DS E-TENSE FE 19! Exterior
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The new Formula E single-seater revealed in Geneva reminded me, once again, that modern Formula One cars are butt-ugly. Worse than that, the new Formula E car is proof that extreme race cars can be incredibly aerodynamic but look good at the same time. And, for some reason, the folks in Formula One don’t seem to get that. Well, these new Formula E cars are quicker than ever before, and they look like they mean business. Bye-bye Formula One!


Audi Raises the Bar to Heights Unseen as it Unveils its New Formula E Car, the e-Tron FE05
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