• Pops’ Rants: Why I Don’t Care About Vegans and Nurburgring Laps

I love rear-engined cars though...

Boy this was a boring week. Not a single automotive event worth mentio... Ah, wait, the NIO EP9 smashed the Nurburgring lap record for production. Mighty impressive given that the benchmark was about eight years old, but there’s a bit of a problem. The NIO EP9 isn’t a production car. I know I’m old and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be, but can you provide me a link from where I can order this car? You can’t! Because this thing isn’t for sale.

Sure, NIO says that six examples have already been sold to company investors and that 10 more cars are underway for the general public, but that’s not much really. Maybe this contest over who has the bigger pecker on the ’Ring should have some additional rules. It’s enough that automakers like Nissan make special tweaks to their cars for these benchmarks, and we don’t need extremely limited runs validated as production models at the track. If it continues like this, carmakers will need to make just the one car to be considered a production vehicle soon. And it’s stupid!

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Vegans Are Hypocrites

Vegans in California Don't Want Leather in their Bentleys
- image 716764
Seriously now, stop pretending you care.

So, I read this article in which Bentley explains how it’s considering alternative materials to use instead of leather. Because vegans don’t want leather in their cars. It’s nice and all that Bentley is taking requests — that’s what a luxury automaker should do — by I’m sick and tired of vegans acting like they’re saving the planet. First of all, the planet doesn’t need to be saved. Once it’s had enough of people, it will simply find a way to shake us off like fleas. Second, it’s funny how vegans pretend to save the animals by not eating their meat or using their hide, while at the same time using products that either have a massively polluting manufacturing system or are being made by poor people with crappy pay in India, China or other Asian countries. Seriously now, stop pretending you care.

More Proof that the BMW M8 will Suck

2019 BMW 8 Series High Resolution Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
- image 688342
It will lack the main two features that makes a classic BMW M desirable: three pedals and RWD.

Remember my rant from last week? Well, BMW just unveiled some of the specs for the upcoming M5 and it’s using all-wheel-drive now. So, on top of not having a manual transmission, it won’t have rear-wheel-drive either. Okay, okay, AWD is optional, but I have a feeling that the RWD model won’t make it Stateside. And, even if it does, BMW will promote some BS about how the M8 is so premium and special that it needs all-wheel-drive. So, it will have the performance it deserves, but will lack the main two features that makes a classic BMW M desirable: three pedals and rear-wheel-drive. Good luck with that...

The Engine Is Supposed to Be in the Rear!

10 Rear-Engined Cars That Aren't A Porsche 911 High Resolution Exterior
- image 717125
I'd kill for a Yenko Corvair or even a Corvair-based Fitch Sprint.

I don’t think I’ve told you how much I love rear-engined cars, but this article here reminded me of that. I’m actually a bit annoyed that the design isn’t more popular these days, especially with Porsche having already proven that the design doesn’t have to have oversteer and cooling issues. Now I can also get a Smart or a Renault Twingo, but I’m more into the Chevrolet Corvair and Alpine A110 stuff. I’d kill for a Yenko Corvair or even a Corvair-based Fitch Sprint (look that one up, it’s totally worth it) as much as I’d kill for some modern automaker to make a proper rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car. But, I’m obviously asking too much because today’s drivers are too sensitive to handle oversteer.

Buy a Cruze, Save Some Cash

The 2017 Chevy Cruze Hatch is Better than a Crossover High Resolution Exterior
- image 717181

If you need more proof that you don’t have to buy a crossover to get extra passenger and trunk room, here’s an interesting article about the Chevrolet Cruze. Yup, the Cruze, a hatchback that outguns crossovers like the Chevrolet Trax, Toyota C-HR, and Mazda CX-3. No kidding; it’s that good! So, you still need the ride height? What ride height, these crossovers don’t ride so high to begin with.

About the author

Hey, I’m Pops, and these people here said I need to have a bio next to a picture like everyone else. I don’t like it one bit but heck, here I am. You’re probably wondering what my real name is, huh? Well it doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t care. People call me Pops and it’s been like that for a very long time. Heck, I think I’ve been the pops of the group since I was in my early 20s. Something to do with the fact that I rant a lot and I hate pretty much everything. "Hey look, here comes Pops to bitch some more," they used to say. They used to, get my drift? What a bunch of assholes! I never bitch, I have opinions. Sure, I kind of like hearing myself talk but hey, if you don’t like it, you know where the door is. I hate it when people don’t like what I have to say but still stick around.

Pops' Rants: Cadillac Sucks, Ferrari Is a Hypocrite, Civic Si Gets Turbo for Nothing
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Which brings me to why I’m here. You know what else I don’t like? This silly thing they now call an automotive industry. One of man’s greatest achievements has been pussified so every blockhead can drive a car while using smartphone apps, verifying his tire pressure, calling his wife, and checking whether his dog pooped on the neighbors lawn. Instrument panels have lights for every little thing that goes wrong under the hood and sends you to the dealer to change the oil. Change the oil yourself you lazy prick! Back in my day I did that in the garage, getting all sweaty and greasy. No car told me what to do and where to go. Buttons, swipes, screens, voice activation, I’m just sick of them. Wasting time and money on silly things instead of simply enjoying driving. I still do that you know. In my 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner. But not you. No, you’re too busy getting the latest apps. Ah screw it, you’re not gonna get it anyway. And I’m tired of this bio thing...

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