Take out the magnifying glass to spot the differences between the 991 and the 992

Porsche is good to us these days. Many people have been discussing the differences between the current 991-generation 911 and the upcoming 992-generation 2020 911 and, now, Porsche took both out for a spin. This means we’ve got pictures of them together we can analyze all the little differences since the 992 is basically not wearing any camouflage.

We’ve been talking about and seeing the new Porsche 911 992 for over a year now. We’ve even caught glances of the Turbo version and the GT3 version so there’s not much room for speculation before Porsche finally reveals their baby at the L.A. Auto Show which will kick off on November 30th.

But, before that, Porsche has offered us the chance to contrast and compare the outgoing generation with the new one. To make things easier for us, as the cars are almost identical, the old one is blue, and the new one is yellow. Thank God they didn’t go for two tints of opaque gray!

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It takes a bit of a detective to find out what’s changed between the 991 and the 992

Porsche 911 992 caught testing next to the 991
- image 801606

So, here it is, the comparison before all of the comparisons, presumably done by Porsche themselves. A keen-eyed snapper caught the current 991 Porsche 911 and the 992-gen 2020 Porsche 911 driving down the same piece of tarmac and dully captured a few frames of the two cars from the front and from the back. What you’ll see are two cars that are, by and large, quite similar, but Porsche worked hard to finesse the shape of the 991 to come up with what we see on the 992.

First up, the front.

The first thing that you'll probably notice here is the different headlamp arrangement of the 992 which is something that has trickled down from the 991-generation racers.

The headlight now features four LEDs that surround a main central beam while the old one sports lighting toward the outer side edges of the headlight unit, again with the main beam in the middle. It’s a small but noticeable change.

Porsche also kept some camouflage around the lower bumper section. That’s because the main two elongated grilles have been slightly reshaped on the 992. They are, in short, a bit more squared-off with the inner pillars being less rounded and the outer edge tilted inwards. The indicators are still mounted in the upper side of the vents, but now there’s more room between them and effectively the top of the vents themselves.

Porsche 911 992 caught testing next to the 991
- image 801604

You’ll also notice if you zoom in a bit, that the front hood has hard edges on the new model, meeting the edge of the bumper at an almost 90-degree angle. It’s a design element that can be traced back to older-generation 911s. The 991’s front hood is visibly more rounded as it meets the bumper in a less clear-cut way.

There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to the sides.

Yes, as it's been discussed for a long time, the 992 will have a wider track than the 991 and this is evident due to the wider fender flares front and rear on what looks to be a basic model Carrera.

You should also expect the 992 to be slightly bigger than the 991 which, in turn, is bigger when compared to the 997. The 991 has a 92.5 inches long wheelbase so a couple of inches more will be packed within the 992 which is poised to also be equipped with a hybrid drivetrain down the line and a more luxurious interior.

Now, here we are at the back. This is, maybe, where Porsche has elected to change the 992 the most when compared head-to-head (or back-to-back?) with the old one. You’ll see that the narrow taillights got narrower and have been darkened and that they’re connected as we’ve seen on earlier 997 and 996 models.

What is more, the back bumper is significantly different. For starters, the exhaust inlets have been moved from their central position peaking from right under the bumper, to within the bumper itself on both sides of the number plate. Also, Porsche added a pair of air inlets outboard just below the rear indicators while the 991 only has one inlet on the edges of the rear fascia. Finally, the rear window seems to come straight down, allowing the rear engine cover grille to be slightly wider than on the 991.

Porsche 911 992 caught testing next to the 991
- image 801605
All in all, Porsche has elected to not change the proven recipe of the 991 too much when they got to the drawing board to round out the 992.

But the new car will still be rather different under the skin. For instance, the whole 992 range will be turbocharged, even the most basic Carrera which should come with the same 3.0-liter flat-6 but with more power thanks to tweaked turbocharger geometry. This will see the power jump up to 390-horsepower while the Carrera S will have 450-horsepower. The Turbo S will also gain some 20 ponies compared to its 991 brethren to develop a hefty 600-horsepower. This model should sprint to 62 mph in under 3 seconds thanks to the improved AWD system and those little tweaks in the body shape.

Finally, the hybrid should arrive with an estimated 500-horsepower output with help from an 11-kilowatt battery pack. We’ll offer extensive coverage of the L.A. Autoshow, so the 911 is very much a car we’re looking forward to despite the fact that we’ve seen it again and again.

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