There must be something in the water in Ohio. Earlier this month we saw a 1,000 hp Dodge Challenger from Ohio-based RPD Performance, and now we have video of a 1,000 hp Porsche 911 by Switzer Performance Innovations (SPI) of the Buckeye State.

Not all companies can get Bugatti Veyron-like 1,000 horsepower from an engine (especially a six cylinder one). Even super tuner 9ff isn’t getting that much from a 911 turbo. SPI claims its car called the 997 Sledgehammer can go form 0-60 mph in the mid-2 second range, and as the video above shows, hit the quarter mile in 9.796 seconds at 146 mph and tops out at 195 mph.

SPI says the 997 twin turbo powerplant went through extensive ECU tuning, new SPI-designed headers, sports exhaust system, an intecooler pack and SPI-tuned GT30R turbos. SPI is selling the whole upgrade package for about $50,000.


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Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 01.15.2009

yup, top speed at 195 was originally deleted.

Myles_Kornblatt  (5) posted on 01.15.2009

Fyi - .25 mile speed is incorrect.. 146mph not 195.

Myles_Kornblatt  (19) posted on 01.15.2009

.......... why?

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