Would you believe 221 mph?

We love videos like this. They just feel right – Stuttgart’s performance superstar going flat-out on an unrestricted stretch of the autobahn? Yes, please! Assuming the starring role is a 991-era GT2 RS, which was introduced just a few months back rocking an incredible 700 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque thanks to a twin-turbo, 3.8-liter, flat-six powerplant hanging out back. Properly applied, Porsche says it’s enough motivation to push the German powerhouse to 211 mph. That’s blisteringly quick but, as evidenced by the above-featured 3-minute, 22-second video, the 911 GT2 RS might go much, much faster.

After some nice establishing shots showing a selection of 911s out on the track, plus a silver GT2 RS filling its tank at a gas station, the video moves to an angle of the gauge pod, where we watch the machine accelerate from a standstill. The driver engages launch control and takes off like a scalded cat, very quickly passing the ploddingly slow speed limits we must endure here in the U.S. The driver stays in it, maxing out the revs in every gear before eventually topping out at an incredible 356 kph (221.2 mph) as indicated by the onboard speedometer. Apparently, a separate GPS device recorded 342 kph (212.5 mph), which is still pretty damn quick, if you ask us. Either way, it’s impressive to watch as this track-bred piece of precision engineering is taken to the limit. There are even some ending glory shots of the GT2 RS paying its respects at Porsche headquarters.


Porsche GT2

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