The Porsche 911 facelift line-up will be unveiled in July at the London Motor Show and sales will begin shortly after. Car Magazine caught the future 911 GT3 or the GT3 RS testing; the things are not sure at the moment because the front splitter, nose-mounted air vent and central exhausts are common to both models but that big rear wing is straight from the current RS.

The GT3’s 3600cc flat six will be further tweaked to boost performance. At 113.6bhp per litre, the current car’s 409bhp output is pretty close to the engine’s limit but the power hike will still be significant. Latest rumors say the 911 Carrera S will have 380bhp as standard, meaning the GT3 will have an output somewhere over 430 hp.

The power increase will be enough to drop the GT3’s 0-60mph sprint to just four seconds and nudge its top speed to 195mph (current car’s 193mph). Porsche’ s PASM active suspension system will be recalibrated to deal with the performance boost, and as before, ceramic composite brake discs will be a (costly) optional extra.


Source: CarMagazine

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