That’s one way to test the weatherstripping on the front luggage compartment

Porsche’s may be liquid cooled these days, but apparently somebody at the Porsche Centrum Amsterdam dealership in Holland didn’t get the memo of how to properly fill the radiator and coolant tank. Full details have yet to emerge about exactly how this brand new Porsche 911 GT3 RS ended up nose first in the drink, but there are two rumors floating around right now.

At first, it’s easy to imagine a disgruntled employee driving the car of the edge to stick it to the man one last time before a highly fashionable discontinuation of employment. Of course, nothing that dramatic appears to have happened. One rumor blames a mechanic that made a mistake, and the other blames a body guy who was applying a stripe decal. Either way, the pretty Porsche in Gulf Oil livery ended up in a rather awkward parking spot.

According to RTL News, the managing director of Porsche Centrum, Hans Van der Valk, said, “The car was parked on the waterfront and a mechanic made a mistake when trying to get in the vehicle. That is very unfortunate, but it can happen. When there are people, mistakes are made.” Even more interesting is that Van der Valk believes the car can be saved, saying, “Only the tip was in the water and no one was hurt. There’s not much damage.”

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Why it matters

Some sources are saying the car is being cleaned and up and repaired before delivery to its new owner. I would be interested to know what the car’s owner thinks about his brand new GT3 RS being damage and repaired before he even takes possession. We’re talking about a car that starts out at more than $175,000 here in the U.S, and for that kind of money, I wouldn’t want one that some mechanic let roll off into a lake, even if it was just the tip.

Not that accidents don’t happen, but I would be expecting some kind of discount. At the end of the day, the important thing is that nobody was hurt, but you’ve got to wonder how that conversation went with the boss. Could you imagine telling your boss you just sent a $175,000 car into the drink? I don’t envy that poor guy one bit. As for the car, well it looks like it may live to drive on the road anyway. If nothing else, Porsche now knows how well the seals on the luggage compartment hold up under extreme conditions.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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