Porsche is working on the final details of their new 911 facelift line-up that will make its world debut this summer. The latest spy shots caught the GT3 RS testing at the Nurburgring. The new GT3 RS is expected to go on sale next year.

The GT3 RS features new front and rear bumpers and it is expected to have an output of around 450bhp - 40bhp more than the current car.

The first details about the updated standard 911 will be unveiled on Friday, 6 June.


Source: AutoCar

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  (6023) posted on 06.5.2008

baddist, you seem to have it in for ak. i have been following the posts for sometime and i think he actually makes good points. You disagreed with him on EVO post for no apparent reason and a few others.
at least ak is outright and gives his honest opinion regardless of what page he is on.

  (62) posted on 06.5.2008

I bet this car handles great, like all Porsche cars!

AK47  (1024) posted on 06.5.2008

To the guy who didn’t leave a name, I would have respected you a bit more, heck even apologized if you had the balls to at least leave your name.

And baddist, don’t bother deleting the 170mph comment.

AK47  (1024) posted on 06.5.2008

Baddist, you are the same guy who claimed to have a 680hp Supra on the Hyundai Genesis page and "driven" it at speeds of 170mph.Then on the Toyota Corolla page, you harped about selling your Corolla after three years. You are 19 now, you bought that when you were 16?- or was that an attempt to downgrade a car?

Claiming that the 911 can do 3.1s was another one of your ridiculous claims. Motor Trend does roll start tests and even then the Turbo only managed 3.2.

And is it just me or are their three other comments regarding the shape?

I have seen how much truth your comments carry so save it. You are just another one of those wannabe Porche drivers.

AK47  (6023) posted on 06.5.2008

i will agree that ak seems to be on the topic of gtr often

AK47  (6023) posted on 06.5.2008

is that your big joke ak47? all you can do is flap your bleeding mouth over this gtr gtr that gtr my ass. shut the hell up. just because u own a skyline doesnt mean you got to back the new gtr so vigorously. yes it is a great sports car. ok? now shut the hell up. are u capable of posting a comment without mentioning GTR? is doesnt look like that.

AK47  (62) posted on 06.5.2008

wow, a new Porsche, or is the old one? I don’t know!! I’m so mixed up!

AK47  (1024) posted on 06.4.2008

True, no one can possibly mistake a Porche. They all basically look the same.

AK47  (82) posted on 06.4.2008

it was so difficult to imagine how the new GT3 RS will look likesmiley
the Porsche designers are lazy, i just hope the engineers had made some changes

AK47  (1024) posted on 06.3.2008

Baddist, there is no reason to be hating just because the GT-R is a better car.

Or is this new GT3 gonna do 3.1s?

AK47  (133) posted on 06.3.2008

o shut it about this new gtr. jeez.

AK47  (1024) posted on 06.2.2008

I for one am happy to see another Porche, another Porche that the GT-R can smoke.

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