• Porsche 911 Police Edition

A while ago there were some countries in Europe used the Porsche 911 to track down speedy offenders. This was particularly effective in Porsche’s home country of Germany, where the limitless autobahn needed a quick car to track down non-speed based offenders. But are the bad guys getting away so fast in Alabama that it really needs its own 911 police car?

Porsche 911 Police Edition
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While it probably doesn’t take a Porsche to catch a ‘jacked-up’ truck, the latest addition to the Hoover, Alabama (just outside of Birmingham) Police fleet still serves a good purpose. The car is from a drug seizure, and Chief Nick Derzis said the Porsche will be taken to schools and special events. "There is so much dramatization of drug dealers, fast colors, money," Derzis said. "I think this is the perfect result that you will see, if you’re doing something like that and we can prove it, we can seize your automobile as this Porsche has been seized."

The Hoover PD isn’t just using this for public relations; this 911 is a fully functioning police car. So remember to slow down while going through the Birmingham area unless you want to see this Porsche up close.


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  (366) posted on 08.19.2010

For sure those outlaws will think twice before doing those bad deeds when they meet this police car.

  (569) posted on 02.1.2010

I really don’t see the difference between having a regular car as a police car than a sports car except sports cars are more expensive to purchase and to maintain. Why don’t they just buy electric cars instead to save more money on fuel.

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