With Porsche moving forward on plans for a four-cylinder engine, Volkswagen and Audi going ahead with plans for a small mid-engined coupe/roadster, and Porsche definitely taking a controlling position in VW; it’s hard to ignore the possibility of Porsche making a 914 successor.

Sometimes when a company goes for a its smallest version the styling gets a little out of hand. Examples include the original 914 had a tough time fitting in with the rest of the Porsche family line as well as outcasts like the current Nissan Micra and the MkI Austin Healey Sprite. So we decided to go to the extreme in styling and have a rendering of our own “Bugeye” Porsche.


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  (25) posted on 11.18.2008

NO that looks nasty if they make that Audi, VW, and Porsche will fail more than they already do.

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