Yes, we know the Spyder Concept has already been revealed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. That little bit of information, however, will not stop us from showing you yet another rendering of the Spyder especially when it is accompanied by a racing version. The first rendering provided to us illustrates a toned down version of the concept set for production which, realistically, does not provide a different picture than the unveiled Spyder Concept. The second rendering, however, shows us what a racing version of the Spyder could look like. Porsche has been known to produce an RS version of all their vehicles after the original has seen production for a few years and we think that this image may well be what the racecar may look like. Most notably, the artist has added a sleek hardtop and a massive rear spoiler to the racer as well as a more complex body kit.

If Porsche does decide to come out with an RS version of the Spyder Concept, we can only imagine that they will drop the hybrid engine for a more powerful piece of machinery that will send this beautifully commanding vehicle straight through the finish line.

Hit the jump for a look at what could be the next RS version in Porsche’s line.

Porsche 918 Spyder Concept Rendering Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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  (1211) posted on 03.7.2011

It look much better if they remove the top. It doesn’t not affect the performance though. Anyways, I have heard that the hybrid version is confirmed and also the battery to be used.

  (409) posted on 02.16.2011

In my opinion, the car looks good even without the celebrities on the exterior! Hehe kidding aside!If all most Americans needed was cheap form of transportation, I hear Tata Motors has the car for just the purpose. The 918 and LFA for that matter, are future classics that shows what can be achieved when you don’t restrict engineers with price points.

  (498) posted on 02.16.2011

It just bothers me how some "classic American muscle cars" will go at auction for insane amounts and its acceptable. Try selling a high performance supercar with the latest technology and suddenly it’s overpriced.

  (517) posted on 04.12.2010

I agree, the type 64’s body trim and concept has now gone with the new 918.

  (797) posted on 04.12.2010

Time passes by and there are many changes happens, porsche are ready to get out of the concept of the first porsche car.

  (10) posted on 04.8.2010

It’s my new favorite car, is very similar whit the CarreraGT

  (341) posted on 04.7.2010

Looks like a good car for some good endurance races like the Le Mans perhaps. O well, I really like the tires and on how it makes the car look like it floats above the pavement. It’s cool, I wonder if it performs well though.

  (461) posted on 04.7.2010

Well good thing that this is just a rendering. Imagine what will the ferrari will tell if they saw it rolling on their factory.

  (417) posted on 04.7.2010

I agree! The front end looks more like a ferrari and it’s rear end and side vents is from audi.

  (329) posted on 04.7.2010

What did the porsche did to the 918? It looks more like a ferrari with a tickle of audi r8.

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