Porsche 918 Spyder priced at $630,000?

2010 Porsche 918 Spyder Concept High Resolution Exterior
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Next month Porsche will bring the production version of the 918 Spyder unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. However until we’ve seen the final thing we will continue to speculate. Today’s rumors are that the next supercar will be priced at 500,000 euros ($630,000). That’s $190k more than the Carrera GT which is priced at $440,000.

According to aPorsche insider there are more than 2000 clients interested in the future hybrid car. It will feature a 500-HP V8 engine and an electric drive-systems that will allow the vehicle to run up to 25 kilometers on electric power. It will be capable of hitting a top speed of 199 mph. All this while emitting no more than 70 grams of CO2 per kilometer on fuel consumption and with a fuel consumption of of three liters per 100 kilometers.

"The Spyder will become Porsche’s new supercar showpiece project," said Stefan Bratzel, director of the Center of Automotive at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch- Gladbach, Germany. "It unites Porsche’s high-performance engineering with intelligent drive technology."


Source: Bloomberg

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  (313) posted on 09.1.2010

The review Leno made about this car if really great. A total hybrid car that have no rival.

  (1332) posted on 08.31.2010

Of course it is a bargain. IF I HAD THE MEANS I WOULD BUY IT and flaunt it in front of all the environmentalists! Porsche should step up and make it. They would make a huge statement and standard for other sportscar brands to follow.

  (309) posted on 08.27.2010

the fee is nice, though mostly rich people could afford this luxurious car.

  (1332) posted on 07.25.2010

It deserves the price, the Spyder is almost not like Porsche.

  (515) posted on 07.18.2010

dang.. it’s kinda expensive, i hope this thing can satisfy the craving for speed of the consumer.

  (1332) posted on 07.15.2010

This is the Porscheist Porsche I’ve ever seen. It’s sensational. Probably the coolest car since the 458 Italia.

  (666) posted on 07.14.2010

huh? too expensive, this thing might make a whole out of my pocket.

  (939) posted on 07.12.2010

yeah right, actually there are more who likes it, but the thing is the 918 is very special and limited sports car.

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