Launched in 2012 on an entirely new platform that was only the third since the original 911, the 991-generation 911 is about to receive a facelift for the 2016 model year. Porsche has been working on a revised sports car for over a year now, and although most details surrounding the drivetrain are still under wraps, the 991.2 is no longer a mystery on the outside. And we have our trusty paparazzi, and the fresh batch of spy shots they just sent our way, to thank to that.

Stuttgart’s new sports car came out for yet another testing session on both the public roads around the Nurburgring track, as well as on the track itself. The good news here is that the camouflage is finally gone, providing us with our best look yet at the updates Porsche has given the car on the outside.

Expect the full details to break cover later this year, as the facelifted 911 is rumored to be making its public debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Until then, let’s have a closer look on what sets the 991.2 apart from its predecessor in terms of styling.

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Porsche 991 Facelift- Spy Shots

Porsche 991 Facelift Testing Free Of Camouflage: Spy Shots Exterior Spyshots
- image 630653
Porsche 991 Facelift Testing Free Of Camouflage: Spy Shots Exterior Spyshots
- image 630657
Porsche 991 Facelift Testing Free Of Camouflage: Spy Shots Exterior Spyshots
- image 630660

At first glance, the 991.2 appears to be identical to the outgoing model, but things change once we take a closer look to the front and rear fascias. The front bumper sports a slightly revised layout and features better-integrated LED daytime running lights. I can see some Cayman GT4 in it, but the air intakes are different enough to make it stand out when compared to the smaller coupe.

Around back, there’s a reshaped bumper with extra air outlets, which could be there to provide extra cooling for the turbochargers. If you’re wondering why there aren’t any vents in the rear fenders, it’s because all 911s (except the GT3s) are supposed to receive forced induction with the 991.2 update, according to some reports. Another interesting fact is that this prototype uses center-mounted exhaust pipes, a look that could also spread throughout the entire lineup.

Other new features include different door handles and a revised grille on the rear lid.

Why it matters

Although the updated 911 is still a mystery drivetrain-wise, these new photos confirm that the sports car is nearly ready to hit the assembly line. What matters here is that Porsche didn’t meddle much with the 991’s exterior design, something which should keep 911 purists more than happy. There’s probably bigger news coming from under the skin, but we won’t find out more about that until later this year. Make sure you keep it locked here for updates.

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