The Porsche Cayman GT4 seems like an enthusiast’s dream. The stiff chassis and mid-engine architecture of the Cayman with the added power and performance that will finally let it eclipse the 911 like we all know it can. But a dream is all it has really been, at least officially. We have seen spy shots of a Cayman with crazy body work and huge wheels, but there has been no official word form Porsche that this car is even being considered. Or at least that was the case until someone at Porsche accidentally made a mistake on its Driving Experiences web page.

Porsche’s website has a section for “Porsche Driving Experiences” where you can get track time and instruction on how to get the most from a particular machine in the German company’s stable. For just a few minutes the other day, the unannounced car was listed plain as day on the Experiences page. The page has since been fixed, but not before the sleuths at could grab some screenshots.

Sadly the page only listed that the car existed, but failed to offer any extra information on potential powertrain upgrades, performance numbers or price for the new track monster. All we are waiting on now is for Porsche to officially announce this car and give us all those details.

We know it exists, and we know what it looks like. Your move, Porsche.

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Why it matters

The Porsche Cayman is built on the stiffest chassis that is currently in production by any car maker, and its mid-engine architecture provides a handling advantage that would allow the little coupe to surpass the 911 on any track or road course. Unfortunately, Porsche has purposely held the car back in power to keep it from eclipsing its legendary sports car. The GT4 is the first evidence that the Germans are finally opening up to having multiple tiers of cars that an overlap in overall performance.

I feel that aside from speed, there is already enough reason to choose a 911 over a Cayman. The larger interior, rear seats, rear-engine design and seven-speed manual transmission provide enough distinction between the cars to allow them to stand on their own.

I still wouldn’t expect there to be a 500-horsepower, turbocharged Cayman anytime soon, but a 415 horsepower track-rat seems to be a likely scenario.

A glorious and wonderful scenario.

Porsche Cayman GT4

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Exclusive Renderings
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