Legal battles involving trademark claims are nothing new.

This one, however, is a little surprising considering that the two protagonists come from completely different industries.

In the blue corner is German carmaker Porsche. On the red corner, it’s footwear designer Crocs.

Their squabble: the rights to use the name ‘Cayman’ in their products.
Porsche is claiming that the name ‘Cayman’ is trademarked for its exclusive sports car and that Crocs, which sells a plastic cog bearing the same name, should refrain from using ‘Cayman’ again. Predictably, Crocs is staying on course and in a statement that was filed in their quarterly reports, the footwear brand has stated that they will “vigorously defend themselves against these claims”.

We haven’t gotten further comments from the two squabbling brands although if you ask us, we don’t think that these two are risking anything by just letting things go. Apart from catering to distinctively different markets, it must be pointed out that a Porsche Cayman costs around $50,000 while a pair of Crocs Cayman sells for just a shade under $30.
Big difference, don’t you think?


Source: CNN

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  (1023) posted on 01.3.2010

It’s kinda hard that they’re debating on the authority to use a particular name but I think there’s nothing to debate about it because they’ve different in the sense of Crocs is a footwear product and Porsche is a car manufacturer brand. On some point, it’s not okay to have the same name because people maybe confuse on this one if "Cayman" is a car or footwear.

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