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The images posted look like screenshots from a video game with so many details around the windshield, but this is the reality that might soon be seen in Porsches and Hyundais. The automakers have invested in a company called WayRay, which is basically into augmented reality. In simple words, your ordinary head-up display is going to get all the more intuitive with a lot more information.

Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

Porsche and Hyundai are Looking to Add Augmented Reality to Future Models
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WayRay focuses on creating “holographic augmented reality head-up display technologies” which integrate virtual objects into the driving experience. This means that you’ll have a lot more than just speedometer and maps on your head-up display. For instance, Porsche showed different examples which look like video game caps.

If you plan to take your car on the track, this technology would show the course map, current lap time, as well as the positions of the other drivers.

You could also see the ‘ghost’ cars that previously lapped the track. Funky, right? The displays are not just for fun; they have a lot of benefits in daily driving as well. Porsche envisions the technology could be used to highlight construction zones and parking spaces.

Hyundai has invested in WayRay to “expedite the development of holographic augmented reality (AR) navigation system[s] for future vehicles, aiming to implement it to its mass-produced vehicles as early as 2020.” The technology uses a small projector to display the details on your windscreen. The best part is that it can be installed in any vehicle. WayRay’s technology can also project images across the entire windshield and even onto passenger side windows.

Our Take

Porsche and Hyundai are Looking to Add Augmented Reality to Future Models
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The technology is not just an idea. The company has been experimenting on a large scale.

Currently, WayRay has over 250 employees, and it plans to commence a production site in Germany in 2019.

From what we can infer, this technology is nothing less than a breakthrough because of its versatility. The fact that it can be used in any vehicle, from luxury cars to the smallest of the hatches is just amazing. Which company do you think will implement this first in its cars? Porsche or Hyundai? Let us know in the comments section below.

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