The Porsche Cayman Club Sport has been in the pipeline longer than any of us anticipated, but now it looks like the boys from Stuttgart are getting ready to give the lightweight Cayman its turn in the spotlight when it makes its official debut in the latter part of this year at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The car, which is being prepped to become a lightweight version of the Cayman similar to how Porsche constructed the Boxster Spyder, is expected to be about 170 pounds lighter than the stock version of the Cayman S. In addition to that, the Cayman Club Sport is also expected to come with a 3.4-liter 334-horsepower engine that can reportedly clock a 0-60mph time of a little under five seconds (4.6 seconds).

More details are expected to be divulged when the lightweight Cayman makes its public debut in Los Angeles later this year. When it does make it to dealerships, the car is looking to be sold at around $66,330.


Source: Planet 9

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  (676) posted on 03.29.2011

Well, speaking of the design it looks so decent and clean. However, I think the aggressiveness of the wheel doesn’t sustain the lighter look of the Cayman. At the same time, impressed with speed performance of the car. 

  (830) posted on 09.21.2010

If the Cayman has more potential than the 911 as a sport car,Porsche shouldn’t be afraid to outdo themselves with the Cayman.

  (1211) posted on 09.21.2010

Fair point. However, judging by their profit margins and the fact that they’ve been at the top of quality surveys consistently for some time, I’d say that evolutionary design is working out quite well for them.

  (462) posted on 07.29.2010

What would truly be amazing is a Cayman with the engine, suspensions and brakes of a 911 GT3! But unfortunately Porsche will never release such a version because nobody would buy a 911 anymore...

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