This may be the first time that you’ve heard about the Berlin based tuning firm XTR Carchip, but after taking a look at this wide body super sport Porsche Cayman X-Wide, XTR is a name that you won’t soon forget. Built on top of a Cayman S platform, XTR reworked almost every square inch of sheet metal in order to create the track ready machine wearing a set of gold BBS racing rims measuring 18 inches in diameter and shod with sticky Pirelli rubber that lays before you. Complete with a detachable carbon fiber reinforced plastic front splitter for more civilized use and a full jungle gym surrounding a pair of GT3 spec Recaro buckets and matching four point Scroth racing harnesses making it the ideal track day toy.

Porsche Cayman X-Wide by XTR Carchip
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Although the X-Wide looks like it is a purpose built fire breathing beast, the mid engine flat six remains a bit tame and only benefits from a Super Sprint Magnum cat back exhaust and a slight ECU retune that brings the wide body Cayman’s maximum output up to 310 HP, raising the car’s top speed to 177 MPH. However this is just the beginning, because XTR is also working on a twin turbocharged version that will produce upwards of 850 HP. So it would appear that the X-Wide is simply a test mule for XTR Carchip’s future plans, and boy do they seem big.


Source: XTR Carchip

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  (555) posted on 01.17.2010

Except the gold racing rims, well XTR Carchip did a great customization on the exteriors that I will agree that the level of this car design were in the advance stage but maybe you need to work out on the performance side on which the ECU tweaking was not that okay.

  (780) posted on 12.20.2009

Definitely a fine tuning for a Porsche Cayman to have a good improvement in terms of the horse power. I’m going to wait for the twin turbocharge version of this car that have a limit power of 850hp, that’s too interesting.

  (1332) posted on 12.8.2009

Even if it is new, it has the same appeal. Stylish and well-designed. If you will see this on a race track, I think everyone will put a bet on this one. This looks beautiful and yet, dangerous.

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