It’s been a day full of car videos, but we’re certainly not complaining. And while we’ve been having a steady diet of drag races recently, we’ll take a little break from the tarmac and show you the recent Porsche Carrera GT celebration, which was hosted by Porsche for some of its owners at the Silverstone race track.

It’s about the closest thing we can have to a Porsche Carrera GT overload, which, by no means, is a bad thing. Here we have a video of the Porsche Experience at Silverstone. At this event, owners of the Carrera GT were invited by Porsche to try out the newly-renovated Silverstone track and participate in a number of tests on the purpose-built Porsche test tracks. The video also features an interview with one of the Carrera GT’s designers, Tony Hatter, as he explains the history of the supercar and how it came to be one of the most iconic cars in Porsche’s history. Finally, the video concludes with interviews from some of the owners who participated in the event, most of which attest to the supreme awesomeness of owning a Porsche Carrera GT.

The video’s about four-and-something minutes long, which really is enough time or us to drool over the thought of sitting behind the wheel of one.


Source: Porsche

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