• Porsche Claims There is No 911 or Macan Hybrid in the Works

There’s been a lot of talk about Porsche’s rumored plans to develop a hybrid version of the 911. The rumor surfaced in early 2014 and brought the prospect of a sports car that could deliver around 700 ponies while being able to run on electric power for a limited amount of time. Better fuel efficiency was also on the table for a scenario that sounded exciting to say the least. However, it seems Porsche is in no hurry to build a 911 hybrid, at least not during the current generation’s lifetime.

According to Top Gear, which spoke to an unnamed Porsche spokesman, the Germans aren’t planning to bring plug-in technology to the 991-gen 911. With the current model having been introduced less than three years ago, a hybrid iteration is out of the question for at least three to four more years. What’s more, the company official added it’s unlikely for the generation that replaces the 991 to get it as well, which means another six to seven years without a plug-in 911. That’s not to say Porsche is ruling out a 911 hybrid, but it could be a possibility "within the next 15 years." If you’re still excited about that 911 hybrid, then you’re a very patient gearhead.

The 911 isn’t the only Porsche that’s not getting a hybrid drivetrain anytime soon. It seems a hybrid version of the Macan is out of the question as well, mainly because the hybrid powertrain motivating the Cayenne S E-Hybrid is too big for the crossover. The company is considering a more compact hybrid system, Porsche hybrid powertrain manager Manfred Shurmann told Top Gear, but "no development is taking place at the moment."

All told, Porsche’s hybrid lineup is set to continue with its three-car range, which includes the 918, Cayenne and Panamera, for the foreseeable future.

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Why it matters

The fact that Porsche wants to wait at least one more generation to bring a 911 hybrid to the market is both good and bad news. It really depends on each side of the 911 saga you stand. 911 purists are likely to celebrate the decision, while hybrid car enthusiasts and environmentalists can only sigh and hope the Germans will change their minds soon enough and launch plug-in 911 with the next-generation sports car.

The benefits of a hybrid system in a high-performance car are numerous and obvious. More horsepower, improved fuel economy and an all-electric mode for city driving are only a few of them. Heck, just have a look at the McLaren P1 and the Ferrari LaFerrari and you’ll understand why a hybrid system would take the 911 to never-before-seen levels of performance and efficiency. It’s also true that the 911 would be better off without a hybrid drivetrain for the sake of its 50-year heritage, but as long as Porsche keeps building gasoline-only versions we don’t see why the two couldn’t sit side by side in showrooms.

Porsche Plans Hybrid Version of the 911 Turbo S

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Source: TopGear

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