With the restomod industry experiencing a boom in recent years, Porsche seems to have caught the bug as well, and its Classic division now offers a navigation radio system that blends modern technology with a retro look. On top of that, the system fits perfectly into the DIN-1 slot that has been used by Porsche since almost forever, meaning that the thingamagig is suitable for every 911 built from 1964 onward, at least until the 993 generation, since newer models started coming with factory-installed infotainment systems.

The system can be retrofitted to all other classic Porsche models as well, including front- and mid-engined ones made up until the mid 1990s, meaning that no matter how old your Stuttgart sports car is, it can now have the modern amenity of a a navigation radio system. Apart from the GPS function, the system offers radio reception and also comes with support for a wide array of external music sources that can be controlled from the available touchscreen display.

Despite offering just a 3.5-inch screen in order to blend in into the dashboard of older Porsches, the device is based on the modern Porsche Communication Management (PCM) infotainment system, with maps for the navigation being stored on a microSD card with 8 GB of memory. Before running to your nearest Porsche Classic Partner, you may want to learn that the navigation radio costs 1,184 euros ($1,341 as of February 2015) in Germany.

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Why it matters

It’s always nice to see that certain carmakers don’t forget their history or customer needs regarding models that are now out of production, and the new Porsche Classic navigation radio system is a very good example of that. Classic car owners bought their vehicles for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean that they would like to do without features that modern cars have. A factory infotainment system that fits into the design of the dashboard is a perfect add-on from my point of view, even though that 3.5-inch screen may be a bit hard to follow.

Porsche 991 Carrera GTS

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Press Release

Classic on the outside yet ultra modern on the inside: with its newly developed navigation radio Porsche is responding to the growing demand for a built-in device for classic sports cars. The purpose-built unit combines the style of yesteryear with the benefits of modern technology. It fits perfectly into the DIN-1 slot that has been used in the sports cars for decades and is operated by means of two knobs, six discreetly integrated buttons and a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display.

Porsche Classic Announces New Navigation Radio Interior
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Thanks to the appearance of the black surface and the shape of the knobs, which are supplied in two authentically styled versions as standard, the navigation radio blends harmoniously into the dashboard of classic Porsche models. It bears the Porsche lettering and is suitable for the sports car generations between the first 911 from the 1960s and the last of the 911 series with air cooling from the mid 1990s (993 series), including the earlier front-engine and mid-engine models.

The new navigation radio comes with all the key features of today’s systems. In addition to low-interference radio reception and precise navigation, it has interfaces for a variety of external music sources that can be controlled from the display. A smartphone can be connected via Bluetooth. In addition, the classic radio not only has a built-in microphone but also comes with an external microphone. The integrated amplifier delivers 4x45 watts and can be connected either directly to the loudspeakers or to the original sound system using an optional adapter cable.

Exclusively developed and adapted for classic Porsche sports cars
The new navigation radio has been exclusively developed for Porsche Classic and specially for the classic sports cars. Radio reception, for instance, has been optimised for the built-in aerial supplied ex-works, which is generally only a single telescope. The operating concept of the device is based on Porsche Communication Management (PCM) and has undergone extensive testing at the Technical University in Munich to verify its user friendliness. Numerous trial journeys have been undertaken in Europe to test the country-specific navigation. Drivers have a choice of arrows and two-dimensional or three-dimensional maps to display the route. The maps are stored on a microSD card with eight gigabytes of memory and are updated regularly. In Germany, the new navigation radio is available immediately from Porsche Classic Partners or Centres and costs 1,184 euros including VAT.

Porsche Classic Announces New Navigation Radio Interior
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Porsche Classic is a division of the sports car manufacturer responsible for the maintenance of vehicles which were generally produced more than ten years ago. Its services cover all aspects of care and technical literature as well as the supply and reproduction of original parts and even extend to complete restoration. The company is expanding its international dealer and service network to around 100 Porsche Classic Partners for the optimal support and overhaul of classic cars in the next years. Porsche customers and potential customers can expect the complete range of Porsche Classic services from the partners. Through this measure, Porsche has integrated the care and value retention of modern classic and vintage cars in an innovative service concept, closely linking Porsche tradition and Porsche innovation.

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